Crossover Subs


Available Thread Patterns, Internal and External:








Crossover Sub

2-3/8 IF  (NC 26)

2-3/8 UPTBG

2-7/8 UPTBG

2-7/8 IF  (NC 31)

4in FH  (NC40)

3-1/2 IF  (NC38)

4-1/2 XH  (NC46)

4-1/2 FH

2-7/8 PH6


1-1/2 MTDSI

2-3/8 PAC

2-7/8 PAC

2-3/8 API REG

2-7/8 API REG

3-1/2 API REG

4-1/2 API REG

2-3/8 PH6


Box to Box

Pin to Pin

Box to Pin

Float Bore-  1R and 2R

Custom Lengths available upon request.

Manufactured with 4145 HT Steel.

CNC machined bodies and threads for accuracy.

We use hardened gauges that are calibrated to API Standards.

For information on our Crossover Subs:

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